L&M brought its corrugated packaging manufacturing plant to the Platteville community in 2006. When it was decided that they needed to have administrative team closer to manufacturing, they set up shop in the Platteville Incubator in 2010.

Since then the company has tripled in size, built on multiple additions, nearly doubling the original 25,000 square foot facility and just opened a 20,000 square foot warehouse just down the block.

The Lopes family-run company is now on its third generation, a success in its own right, and is growing at 17% year over year for the past 5 years. Where does that kind of success come from? Consistent, well-planned, company-wide improvement. They hold quarterly strategic planning sessions with actionable assignments that build up to meeting annual goals.

They credit the Platteville Incubator as a great stepping stone for a company wanting to work in Southwest Wisconsin and as a solid launching pad for a growing business.

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